Saddleback Maple Bacon Whisky

Made by blending Proof Whisky and all natural maple and bacon flavouring, this whiskey is sweet, smokey, and savoury. This whisky is full of flavour, has a silky finish, and warms as it goes down. Saddleback Whisky can be enjoyed neat on or off ice, but makes an excellent base for cocktails, or even in cooking. Check out our Mixology for more ideas

750ml  |  LCBO #

Proof Whisky

A whiskey made of mostly wheat, with a splash of rye. Aged a minimum of 6 years, to make one of the smoothest Canadian whiskies. Blending Canadian prairie wheat and ryewith Rockie mountain spring water results in this amber coloured whisky; the nose is fragrant with aromas of orange marmalade and spice while the palate is smooth with citrus, caramel and clove flavours followed by a hint of smoke on the medium finish.

750ml  |  LCBO #454082   |  $26.85

Proof Vodka

This is Canada's only 100% wheat-based vodka, and triple distilled, which gives it a smooth, neutral, clean flavour. Triple distilled prairie wheat and spring water from the Canadian Rockies give this vodka a quintessentially Canadian flavour. Clear in colour with subtle notes of floral and citrus on the nose; the palate is dry and light with clean citrus character and a soft/smooth finish.

750ml  |  LCBO #401810   |   $32.40

Twelve Barrels Whisky

Custom-blended in Napanee Ontario, and based on a recipe used by distiller John Meagher in the 1850s. Enjoy vanilla, caramel and honeyed aromas, and on the palate, a warm delivery of brown sugar, spicy vanilla, fruitcake and peppery rye. Spicy notes linger on a long finish. Savour neat, or use in classic cocktails.

750 ml  |  LCBO #546853  |  $35.00

Dayaa Arak

The first and only hand-distilled arak in North America. Triple-distilled in a copper pot still from the best niagara grapes, with the finest famous Syrian aniseed.

Available in two sizes:
375ml  |  LCBO #647040  |  $17.95
750ml  |  **LCBO #466745  |  $20.95   **Please contact us for availability

Pastis du Hameau

Small batches of Pastis are crafted with 25 botanicals and herbs with an addition to organic Canadian maple syrup for a unique style. Botanicals include star anise, wormwood, lavender, chamomile, and liquorice root; perfect served chilled and neat.

750ml  |  LCBO #538355  |  $28.85


A liqueur handcrafted by the maceration of real strawberry fruits, in premium grape spirit, and sweetened with organic pale maple syrup. All three ingredients are sourced from Ontario, with no added flavours, colours, or white sugar.

375ml  |  LCBO #538652  |  $21.95

Leatherback Rum

Leatherback rum is distilled from 100% molasses, with no additives or added colouring. The rum is a deep copper colour; aromas include molasses, tropical fruits, baking spices and vanilla. It's warm on the palate, with flavours of spicy oak, molasses, dried fruit and vanilla.

For each bottle of Leatherback Rum sold, a portion is donated to the Canadian Sea Turtle Network - a charitable organization based in Halifax that is working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and abroad.

750 ml  |  LCBO #413567  |   $45.00

Triple Beam Gin

Crafted in Ottawa's North of 7 distillery with juniper berries sourced from Wakefield, Québec and a combination of eleven other botanicals that are sourced locally when possible. This offers classic gin aromas and crisp, dry flavours that can be enjoyed in a number of classic gin cocktails.

750 ml   |   LCBO #413542   |   $39.95

Illuminati Vodka

Ottawa's first craft distillery has a hand-crafted approach to spirits production, with small batches and great attention to detail. The Illuminati Vodka is made from corn, and carbon filtered to create a spirit that is clean and neutral, with a smooth mouthfeel.

750 ml   |   LCBO #413559  |  $34.95


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