The White Distillery

Mississauga, ON

Local Proud - Mediterranean Inspired

The White Distillery is the first and only craft distillery in North America that is specialized in producing Mediterranean-inspired alcohol spirits in small batches. These spirits are crafted by following a collection of handwritten authentic recipes and integrating local fruits, grains, botanicals, and spices. No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners are used in any of our premium spirits.

Dayaa Arak

The first and only hand-distilled arak in North America. Triple-distilled in a copper pot still from the best niagara grapes, with the finest famous Syrian aniseed.

Available in two sizes:
375ml  |  LCBO #647040  |  $17.95
750ml  |  **LCBO #466745  |  $20.95   **Please contact us for availability

Pastis du Hameau

Small batches of Pastis are crafted with 25 botanicals and herbs with an addition to organic Canadian maple syrup for a unique style. Botanicals include star anise, wormwood, lavender, chamomile, and liquorice root; perfect served chilled and neat.

750ml  |  LCBO #538355  |  $28.85



A liqueur handcrafted by the maceration of real strawberry fruits, in premium grape spirit, and sweetened with organic pale maple syrup. All three ingredients are sourced from Ontario, with no added flavours, colours, or white sugar.

375ml  |  LCBO #538652  |  $21.95

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