North of 7

Ottawa, ON

Our distillery includes a small urban equivalent of a ‘rickhouse’ where we store our rum and whiskey barrels, the production area with three stills, a bottling line, an excise warehouse where our spirits are stored before they are made available for purchase, and our storefront with tasting area.

Leatherback Rum

Leatherback rum is distilled from 100% molasses, with no additives or added colouring. The rum is a deep copper colour; aromas include molasses, tropical fruits, baking spices and vanilla. It's warm on the palate, with flavours of spicy oak, molasses, dried fruit and vanilla.

For each bottle of Leatherback Rum sold, a portion is donated to the Canadian Sea Turtle Network - a charitable organization based in Halifax that is working to conserve endangered sea turtles in Canadian waters and abroad.

750 ml  |  LCBO #413567  |   $45.00

Triple Beam Gin

Crafted in Ottawa's North of 7 distillery with juniper berries sourced from Wakefield, Québec and a combination of eleven other botanicals that are sourced locally when possible. This offers classic gin aromas and crisp, dry flavours that can be enjoyed in a number of classic gin cocktails.

750 ml   |   LCBO #413542   |   $39.95

Illuminati Vodka

Ottawa's first craft distillery has a hand-crafted approach to spirits production, with small batches and great attention to detail. The Illuminati Vodka is made from corn, and carbon filtered to create a spirit that is clean and neutral, with a smooth mouthfeel.

750 ml   |   LCBO #413559  |  $34.95

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